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Man proposes girlfriend on plane and then marries her in-flight

A similar such ‘surprised wedding’ was unveiled by a man for his girl friend who proposed to her during an Athens-bound flight, reported the NBC News.

The girl,  Nathaly Eiche, heard someone was getting proposed to, only to discover after turning around that it’s her boyfriend, Jurgen Bogner, standing there.

wedding 1
“That’s when I started crying,” she told NBC News Monday. “He got down on one knee and proposed to me.”

And then it hogged attention of all the passengers who had some exciting moments to enjoy.

wedding 2

As all planned by the man, next came the wedding dress, two rings, a violinist, a master of ceremonies to preside over their mid-flight wedding — not to mention several relatives who’d arrived at the airport early and had remained hidden in the back of the plane.

Among them were Eiche’s father, who gave her a bouquet of flowers and walked her down the aisle.

wedding 4

“The perfect moment every girl waits for their whole life,” Eiche later wrote on Instagram. “He popped the question! And we got married on the same flight! Amazing day! Can’t find the right words for all the feelings right now ❤️ just crazy,” she added.

The pictures were taken from Eiche’s Instagram account.



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