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Man sells small daughter to landlord over loan dispute

BADIN: A man in Badin sold his little daughter to a landlord after failing to pay him loan amounting to Rs100,000.

According to reports, the incident occurred in in Tando Bago town, 21 kilometres from Badin.

The appalling issue came to light when a lady named Soomri Machhi approached Tando Bago police station and complained that her husband Achar Machhi had sold off her eight-year-old daughter Nazia to an lederly landlord Ali Murad Chandio in Pathan Water village.

Acting on her complaint, the police team raided the identified spot, recovered the girl and returned her to her mother who accused his husband of having sold the girl for Rs100,000.

However, reports said that the police had not yet registered an FIR nor made any arrest.

Senior police officer Ali Anwer Leghari told media persons that the girl had been sold and said further investigation was under way.

Achar Machhi told journalists that he had handed over his daughter as mortgage after having failed to pay back the loan he had taken from the landlord.




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