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Man shoots himself in the foot to see how it feels

Apparently, one doesn’t only shoot himself in the foot only metaphorically!

Investigators went to a hospital around 7 p.m. after getting a call about an accidental gun discharge. A resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado named Adam Hirtle apparently wanted to get a firsthand experience of how it felt getting shot in the foot. Upon questioning, everyone including the police officers were stunned to know that he had shot himself deliberately with a .22 caliber, semi-automatic handgun in the foot!

Hirtle was inside his garage when he took off his boot and shot himself in the foot. Apparently, one gunshot to the foot wasn’t enough for the person. He put on his boot and fired a shot aimed at his foot for the second time!

Hirtle has been arrested on suspicion of a prohibited use of weapons, reckless endangerment and child abuse, because one or more kids may have been in the vicinity when he fired the gun.



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