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WATCH: Man smashes Rs45mn Lamborghini into wall

A man smashed Lamborghini Huracan Performante worth Rs 45.1 million into a wall after borrowing it from his friend.

According to the details, the man borrowed the expensive supercar from his fried on August 9 and crashed it into a wall of an electricity substation in Spain.


He sustained minor injuries in the accident. The driver fled the scene after smashing the vehicle into the wall but the police arrested the driver from the hospital on the charges of over speeding and reckless driving.

In the footage, the damaged green Lamborghini can be seen being pulled out from the wall. The car’s front end was completely wrecked, Time Now News reported.

Local residents said that firefighters who arrived at the scene had to cut the electricity of several homes in the area in order to salvage what was left of the wrecked car.



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