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WATCH: Man steals hand sanitiser from ATM vestibule

NEW DELHI: Amid the worsening coronavirus crisis in India, hand sanitizers have become a hot commodity and seem to be getting stolen a lot, especially from ATM vestibules.

A video doing rounds on social media shows a man completes his ATM transaction first and then he spots a bottle of hand sanitiser placed inside the vestibule so that customers can clean their hands after using the machines.


Instead of sanitizing his hands, the man stealthily put the entire bottle of sanitiser into his backpack and leaves the ATM vestibule. The incident is reported to have taken place on 24th of April in India.

The footage was shared on social networking website Twitter by Dipanshu Kabra who captioned the video as, “These are kleptomaniac. There are millions of ATMs in the country. To save the sanitiser from these fools, if you have to cage 200-300 rupees in every ATM, then it will take hundreds of crores of rupees. Your decent behavior would save this money and take care of your well-being. Well… #HumNahiSudhrenge.”

The video has so far garnered more than 28,000 views on social media.



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