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Man strangles three children after disagreement with second wife

The heart-wrenching incident took place in Quaid-e-Azam colony. Farooq had recently remarried after the death of his first wife. A few days ago his second wife had a disagreement after which she left the house and went to her parents. Farooq tried to convince her to return but was not successful.

As a result in a fit of rage, he strangled his three children with the wire of a mobile phone charger. The children were identified as Ameer, 10, Zehra, 8, and Zunaira aged 6. After the incident, he falsely claimed to have consumed poison, but later confessed to the crime.

The bodies of the victims have been sent to hospital for post-mortem examination. It is said that Farooq’s second wife had refused to live with the children from his previous wife. However, police official say investigations are currently underway.



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