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Man sues Chinese actress Zhao Wei for ‘staring intensely through TV set’

TV stars nowadays are advised not to creep their fans or the general public by staring intensely at the TV set. Otherwise, a it might result in a lawsuit!

A Chinese man filed a lawsuit against the famous Chinese actress Zhao Wei, for staring at him intently in a series called Tiger Mom, which debuted last month. Tiger Mom, starring Zhao Wei, is based on the different perspectives of a couple in raising their daughter. Zhao plays a mother who relentlessly pushes her daughter’s development, while the father wants his child to have more freedom.

Zhao Wei is one of China’s most renowned and biggest stars. She is also one of the most richest stars and has previously starred in a film, Red Cliff by renowned director John Woo. The Legal Daily newspaper said the man was alleging that Zhao’s stare caused him “spiritual damage”.

A new law has made it hard for courts in China to reject lawsuits, which have led to ridiculous and frivolous cases being filed in the court. The rules came into force on 1 May with a 29% rise in cases reported in China. Gan Wen, who works at China’s Supreme Court, said that the Zhao case was an example of citizens abusing their right to file lawsuits.

“It’s not necessary to waste our judicial resources on cases like these,” he said.




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