Man uses helicopter to remove son’s loose tooth

GREAT FALLS: A Virginia man took “helicopter parenting” to the extreme by using an actual helicopter and some string to remove his son’s loose tooth.

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Rick Rahim posted a video to Facebook showing his son standing outside with a string attached to his loose tooth, reported the UPI.

“Problem: Loose tooth,” text in the video reads, “Solution: Helicopter.”


The other end of the string is revealed to be attached to a helicopter, which takes off and creates tension on the string and removes the unwanted tooth.

But despite how dangerous it may have looked, Mr Rahim, a veteran pilot, assured viewers that it was perfectly safe.




He said: ‘Safety first. I’m the true helicopter dad, and that is the true helicopter son who lost a tooth today via a helicopter. Do everything safely in life and that’s what we did today.

Rahim wrote. “Do fun, creative stuff with your kids. Make memories together.”

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Man uses helicopter to remove son’s loose tooth

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