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Manisha Koirala plans to remarry and adopt a child

According to BollywoodBubble, the actress plays a Bihari-Muslim in the movie, who reunites with her lost son after years. In a recent interview with a leading daily, the actress revealed that she wants to adopt a girl child. Manisha said, “I am extremely close to my family but they live in Nepal. I feel lonely when I come back to an empty house. There’s a need for human bonding, I’ve wanted to adopt since I was a child.”
Further when asked about remarrying, the actress, who was married to Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal in 2010 and divorced two years later, said, “Who wouldn’t want to get married? Initially it’s great, but later, you never know. If somebody nice comes along, I may think about it.

What’s important at present is a sense of family which will come with the adoption.”


The actress was recently in the news for speaking up about ovarian cancer she had been suffering from. The actress successfully survived the disease and narrated how it changed her for the better.


Cancer certainly takes a toll on a human being, physically and emotionally. Those who are able to survive it, have success stories to share with the general public. Manisha Koirala is one such actress who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 but successfully battled the disease.


Speaking at an event recently, Manisha divulged into details as to how she was able to ward off the disease with support from her friends and family.


“I was diagnosed with cancer in Kathmadu. I immediately flew down to India and got admitted in a prestigious hospital in Mumbai. “Since the surgery looked very complicated, I then flew to the US for it. I did not face any problem there. Doctors in the US not only focus on the treatment part of it but also on psychological aspects. They are much ahead in taking care of a patient,” she said.


She also revealed how the tough time during her cancer treatment, her family had been bothered but they stuck to each other like a single unit.

“I did feel guilty of the kind of situation my family was going through because of me. Cancer helped to bring my family more close. Now, when we face any problem, we just go back to that time and take inspiration from it,” said the actress.




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