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ISS astronauts perform Mannequin Challenge without gravity!

The Mannequin Challenge is a viral social media video trend, where a moving camera films people frozen in action like mannequins.

You would have seen a number of Mannequin Challenge performed by local and international friends and celebrities, but this one is simply mind-blowing.

Who could think that a Mannequin Challenge was possible in space, where objects keep moving for lack of gravity.

A team of International Space Station (ISS) has made it. A 24 second video posted by ISS on its page shows five persons, on board a space ship, holding their nerves to fulfill the challenge.

The crew members performing the Mannequin Challenge have taken support of sides of the space ship to refrain from any movement. This could also be considered a way of celebrating new year in space.

“Before the end of 2016, the #MannequinChallenge made it all the way up to the space station!,” the ISS post reads.


One of the astronauts on board, Thomas Pesquet, also sent out a message from space on this occasion.



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