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Mansha Pasha impresses as the shrewd lead in 'Daraar'

The drama based on renowned writer Umera Ahmed’s Novel has fans glued to the screens thanks to Mansha’s credible acting and the promos that showcased her negative character in a completely positive light.

The promos had audience thinking that Mansha in the character of Ayla will be a darling of her new family but the story is completely different as from the very first episode, the actress who in the drama got married to wealthy cousin Aijaz Aslam has ulterior motives and a treacherous brain to support that.

As soon as Ayla enters the house, she first kicks out the elderly buwa (maid) of the house (played by Zaheen Tahira) then tries to get her younger sister married to her only brother-in-law Saqib but  finds that Saqib is interested in someone else, she tries every bit to hamper or ruin the marriage.

Her third victim is her only sister-in-law Annie (played by Saniya Shamshad) who hampered Saqib’s marriage to Ayla’s sister. Mansha while playing Ayla does not let her marry the man of her choice but stops marriage proposal coming her way by treacherous methods.

All the time, her husband trusts only her while she also earns the confidence of Annie with her plan that never fails to work.

The whole plot has her stealing, cheating and misguiding her husband about the rest of his family members with cunning ease, a dual faced woman Mansha brings to life and deserves applause for that.

‘Daraar’ is aired every Wednesday at 9:00 PM only on ARY Digital.

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