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Mansha Pasha has a ‘sustainable fashion’ advice for her fans

Aangan actor Mansha Pasha has much to say on Twitter and now, the actor has chimed in about how she feels about fashion’s latest buzzword.

According to Mansha, sustainable fashion has existed within desi societies and has only become a trend because its been given a name. The actor took to Twitter to share exactly how she feels about it, writing, “Sustainable fashion/living: Don’t know why this has become a trend because it’s been given a fancy name.”

“It’s basically what parents in the subcontinent have always taught their children: cheezoin ko zaya mat karo aur kapre ko alag alag occasions par use karo! (Don’t waste things and reuse your clothes on different occasions),” she explained.

The ‘Daraar’ actor also shared how her sisters and she always shared clothes growing up and relayed an anecdote from the sets of one of her drama serials. 

“The same was done on the Zindagi Gulzar Hai set to give the true vibe of a desi household. In some scenes I wore Sanam’s clothes, she wore mine or Sana’s,” she shared.

Mansha Pasha wrapped her thoughts up with a one-liner: “In short, desi fashion is sustainable fashion.”


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She then went on to further explain her stance on Instagram Stories. “This was not in reference to ethical fashion i.e, using recycled products for fabric or less water consumption to make fabric but more of the sustainable trend of reusing same clothes” she cleared.

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