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Many of PAT, PTI demands are valid, says Altaf Hussain

Addressing via telephonic call today, Altaf Hussain said Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s claims about rigging are true. He said public’s mandate was stolen during the General Election 2013.

MQM Chief said former additional secretary of Election Commission Mohammad Afzal had already revealed the rigging in elections during ARY News’ program Khara Sach.

He said Justice Riaz Kayani destroyed the elections adding that “Justice Riaz played almost 90 per cent role in the manipulation of elections.”

“Delayed tactics are being used in resolving the cases of rigging”, he added.

Criticizing the government, Altaf Hussain said democracy means serving people of the country rather doing family politics or empowering feudal system.

“A democracy without having local bodies is nothing more than a dictatorship”, he said.

“It‘s very sad that civil governments of the country never conducted the local body polls during their rule”, he added.

Speaking about Former President Gen. Pervaiz Mushrraf, MQM Chief said accusing Musharraf alone for implementing the Martial Law of October 1999 is unfair. He said all the generals including former Chief of Army Staff General Asfaq Pervaiz Kayani should also be tried under Article-6.

Altaf Hussain said MQM can also come into power, if establishment support them.









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