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Maria Wasti plays the irritating wife

In the ARY Digital drama which brings the issue of ‘Watta Satta’ on screen in a so-called urban environment. Maria’s character ‘Nudrat’ marries Aadi (played by Affan Waheed), the guy of her choice with the help of her brother Faiq (played by Wasay Chaudhry).

As Faiq had married Aadi’s sister and threatened Aadi’s family with a divorce. Aadi marries Nudrat and leaves the love of her life Rubaisha in lurch.

Maria Wasti from the very first scene of the drama brings a loud mouthed woman on screen who even after marrying the man of his choice, irritates and mentally tortures her husband overlooking the sacrifice he rendered for his family.

Despite herself having a love affair in the past, she blames her husband for remaining in touch with Rubaisha.

Maria who has a record of playing unique characters in her career like the one she played at the start of her career in ‘Kallo’ inspires everyone with her villainous performance.




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