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Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg turns out to be a fan of Ibn Khaldun

The Muqaddimah is perhaps Ibn Khaldun’s best known book and was penned by famed historian in 1377. The book records an early view of universal history. Till this day, Ibn Khaldun is regarded as the founder and most quotable authority on modern sociology, historiography and economics. This was what Zuckerberg’s post read:-

“My next book for A Year of Books is Muqadimmah by Ibn Khaldun.


Ibn Khaldun — he was born in the present-day city of Tunis and lived from 1336-1402.


It’s a history of the world written by an intellectual who lived in the 1300s. It focuses on how society and culture flow, including the creation of cities, politics, commerce and science.

While much of what was believed then is now disproven after 700 more years of progress, it’s still very interesting to see what was understood at this time and the overall worldview when it’s all considered together.”




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