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Bride runs away on wedding day after depriving man of Rs200,000

A businessman was deprived of Rs200,000 after the bride he married hours go ran away along with his brother and the person who organized the entire marriage process.

The incident was reported in the Indian state of Karnataka, where a 38-year-old businessman Ankit Jain found a bride, Swati Bhatt, with the help of a middleman named Satish Patel.

The middleman shared the photos of the girl and Ankit Jain approved it without having a meeting with the lady. An agreement was made that required him to pay Rs 170,000 to Bhatt’s brother Hitesh Trivedi and the middleman’s commission of Rs 20,000.

He gave Rs 150,000 to Trivedi and Rs 15,000 to Patel, as agreed. Meanwhile, Jain’s mother also gave Swati a gold ring worth Rs 20,000, silver anklets worth Rs 1,400, and a saree. Their wedding was finalized on the bank of Tapi River near Kapodra and they got married in a simple ceremony.

Things went smoothly after the wedding was solemnised and three of them proceeded towards Ankit’s uncle. However, on their way, Swati asked him to stop the car under the pretext of going to the washroom and having snacks. When she didn’t come out of the washroom for a long time, the mother-son got suspicious and searched for her but to no avail.

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They later also tried to approach the brother of the girl and the middle man who arranged the marriage, however, both of their phones were switched off. A complaint of cheating was later lodged at Varachha police station.

“We are close to arresting one man who had helped them, but until the kingpin Patel is not found, it will be difficult to know whether the gang has conned others or not,” said a police official.



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