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Mass Shooting: Hundreds of students protest outside White House against ‘Gun Violence’

WASHINGTON: Following a series of shooting incidents in the schools of the United States (US), numerous local and exchange students took to the streets outside the White House here on Thursday to stage protest against the rampant gun culture.

The recent massacre in Santa Fe, Texas which left 10 people dead including Pakistani Exchange student Sabika Sheikh, has again stirred up people’s anger against lenient gun laws of the US. Protesting students demanded from the government to formulate strict laws for gun control in the country to curb resurgence of such violent incidents.

The demonstrators were holding placards chanting slogans demanding strict weapon legislation and its implementation in the US. Activists also chanted slogans against the National Rifle Association (NRA), a strong gun lobby in the United States, and sang songs of peace during the rally.

The two-hour long demonstration comprised students from Montgomery and DC area as well as activists; The protest also attracted scores of exchange students from different countries.

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The mass shooting incidents have enhanced at alarming rate as 101 mass shootings incidents have been reported in the US so far in 2018 including 22 school shootings.



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