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Massive traffic snarl-up troubles citizens in Karachi

The traffic jam was triggered by a protest of water tanker owners’ association. The participants blocked the busiest thoroughfare of Karachi making it virtually impossible for the vehicles to move on.


More than fifteen ambulances were also trapped in the traffic jam.


Incidentally, Amir Khan, a British-Pakistani boxer famed worldwide, was also stuck in the jam. A large number of fans gathered around Khan as they spotted him and took selfies. He was, however, swiftly moved away from the crowd by law enforcement personnel.


The traffic was clogged even in adjoining areas causing further misery to commuters, with most of them on way back from work.


Similar situation was witnessed in several other areas of the megapolis including Nursery, Drigh Road, Stadium Road and Hasan Square.


Traffic in Karachi remains congested on regular basis mainly because of dilapidated roads, encroachments along them, rupturing of water supply lines – that took a surge in recent past – and at times due to protests.

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