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‘Matches were not fixed’ says Ashraf Tai

KARACHI: Renowned martial arts grandmaster Ashraf Tai has denied any involvement in matching fixing and clarified that the results of certain matches was predetermined rather than fixed.

Ashraf Tai has disclosed earlier that he had received $500,000 during his fight with Howard Jackson of Germany in 1983. He had said that the fight was neither title fight nor it was fought for the national side.

However, Tai seemed to backtrack on his statement and said that it was a demo fight and he did not sell his country for money.

“These fights are organised. The winner gets less money, while the loser gets more money. This is not for any title, or any country. And yesI did it,” he said.

Tai denied that he put his credibility or his country’s reputation at stake, and maintained that the money was spent on his medical treatment and half of it was donated to charity.

Tai is the pioneer of martial arts in Pakistan and holds the distinction of holding the highest degree 10 Dan black belt in the martial arts history of the country. He was awarded the Pride of Performance Award in 2003 for his contribution to karate.

‘Drug addict and gangster’

Adding fuel to the fire, Ashraf Tai’s wife Samina has alleged that her husband is a heroin addict since 1982 and is also involved in smuggling the drug along with his student.

“He was and is a drug addict. Since ‘82 he has been using and smuggling the drug with his student but no one has caught them,” she said.

She further alleged that Tai was a ‘gangster’ who was involved in criminal activities through one of his student. She appealed for help from the government and the prime minster.

Ashraf Tai, however, denied all allegations raised by his wife.

Speaking to ARY News, he said that he was not drunk or under influence but rather sober when he was earlier speaking to the media. He said that his wife was leveling such allegations to secure a divorce.



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