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Match yourself with Shaan or Aishwarya through this App

An amazing application has just arrived in the market which can tell you what celebrity you look like.

The giant technology company, Microsoft has introduced an application which tells you how much two pictures have similarities or if you look like certain character or celebrity given that you provide two pictures for matching.

Now you can compare yourself with Lollywood’s Shaan Shahid, Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan or Hollywood’s Brad Pitt, and if you are a female try comparing yourself with Mawra Hocane, Aishwarya Rai or Angelina Jolie. You can also give your picture a try with social media sensation Chai Wala. Wink.

“Often hear you look just like someone else? Or you just know you look like a certain celebrity? Now you can just ask #TwinsOrNotRobot and find out for yourself!

“Navigate to TwinOrNot.net, select any two photos, and the site will compare the faces and provide you with a degree of likeness,” a statement issued by Microsoft app TwinsOrNot app said.

After successful launch of How-Old.net, the decision to introduce TwinsOrNot was taken. How old.net gives you an app calculated age which could be more or less than your actual.

“The popular site How-Old.net is the inspiration for TwinsOrNot.net. Created in two weeks by a team of three Microsoft engineers, How-Old.net quickly became an internet sensation and a brilliant example of these intelligent features,” the statement said.

The Microsoft statement added: “In a similar fashion, TwinsOrNot.net was built by Microsoft developer Mat Velloso in a few hours and was demoed at a //build/tour event to illustrate how anyone can quickly add machine learning intelligence to any application. From Mat Velloso’s original demo, TwinsOrNot.net now features a visual refresh and new capabilities including using Bing integration to better compare to your favorite celebrity.”

Unfortunately, you can find different similar fascinating apps on android or iOS, however the Microsoft-developed app is for your Windows phone only or you can just try it on computer at TwinsOrNot.net.




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