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Maulana Sherani, Tahir Ashrafi scuffle during CII meeting

It is learnt that the scuffle broke out during arguments on status of Ahmadis. The members of the meeting immediately intervened and separated both the leaders.

Speaking to ARY News, Tahir Asharafi claimed that Maulana Sherani brought goons from Balochistan to attack him. He said CII members tried to save him.

He demanded the prime minister to remove Maulana Sherani from his post. The matters which are settled should not be touched, he argued.

Later, addressing a press conference, Tahir Ashrafi demanded reformation of the CII. He was of the view that Maulana Sherani was not eligible to head the Council of Islamic Ideology.

To a question, he asked Maulana Sherani to appear before media and swear on the Holy Quran that he didn’t his (Ashrafi’s) collars.

Maulana Sherani rejects allegations

In a separate press talk, Maulana Sherani said the council had called a farewell session today. To allegations that he grabbed collar of Tahir Ashrafi, Sherani clarified as he was leaving the room after meeting concluded and he pushed aside Ashrafi from his way and left.

He said Ashrafi had all rights to demand anything.



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