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Mayor of US town spots ‘eerie’ ghost face in lamp post

The town of Salem, Massachusetts is the home of the infamous witch trials and host to one of the largest Halloween celebrations in the US.

However, things got a little more eerie as the mayor of Salem spotted a ghostly image in a lamppost on Wednesday — and decided to share the spooky sight on social media.

“Anybody else see a face in this light?” Kim Driscoll mused on Twitter. “…Totally eerie, eh.”

The creepy image looks like a face with a furrowed brow and a mouth in the shape of an “O” scowling at the people below.

The photo was taken outside the J. Michael Ruane Judicial Center, at North and Federal streets, according to a city spokesman.

This is perhaps the spirit of a ghost trapped in the glass for all of eternity, or just the light from the overcast sky shining into the object, playing tricks on the eye.


However, her post set off a firestorm of responses and shares on Twitter.

“Yes I see it,” Carol Donovan replied. “I thought things like this only happened at Halloween in Salem.”

“I would be angry too if I was trapped in a lamp post,” Craig Zimmerman wrote.

“He looks a bit lightheaded,” joked Redra Obyek. “Definitely. Yes,” the person said of the picture. “Doesn’t look too happy either.”

Some compared it to famous faces including actor Luis Guzman, Will Ferrell, Che Guevara, and Power Rangers leader Zordon.

Another user @darth even photoshopped a picture of President Trump’s face into the lamp post.

The city was home to the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, which led to the executions of 20 suspected sorcerers. Its attractions include a witch museum, witchcraft shops and a famous Halloween ball.



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