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MCB Privatization: Ghani submits previlige motion in Senate

ISLAMABAD: Senator Saeed Ghani has submitted a previlige  motion in Senate over the misguiding statement of the ministry of finance on the privatization of Muslim Commercial Bank in upper house, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Saeed Ghani, a Senator of Pakistan People's Party, in his previlige motion said that an inquiry report about privatization of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) has been in pending for a period more than a decade. He said influential quarters impeding in the inquiry of the matter.

He said the matter was raised at the upper house of the parliament but certain  people using their influence kept the facts under curtain.

Ghani said that he has submitted previlige motion substantiated with documentary proofs and evidence. He said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had also inqired into the matter.

The matter of the violation of the law in MCB privatization process instead of  referring to the Accountability Court was forwarded to the State Bank, where the matter is still being kept in the cold storage, he added. 



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