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Medical board gets samples of Salahuddin’s body

RAHIM YAR KHAN: Remains of Salahuddin, who died in police custody were exhumed by the medical team after the investigators decided upon a second autopsy of the body.

As per details, the remains were exhumed in the presence of Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Arif alongside father of  Salahuddin.

Talking to newsmen, father of the deceased hoped for the delivery of justice and accused that facts were made hidden in the earlier autopsy report.

Forensic reports have confirmed that the deceased Salahuddin faced physical torture before death following the presence of marks on his arm and left part of his stomach.

The latest forensic report was released on September 17 as the probe restarted over the demand of the deceased family under new the investigation officer (IO) in the custodial death case.

The investigation team had submitted samples from the scene of the crime for a thorough probe to the forensic laboratory on September 16 .

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The report stated that Salahuddin was subjected to physical torture before his death as torture marks are present on his arm and left portion of the stomach, whereas, blood clots are also found on the other parts of his body due to torture.  It is also stated that the deceased person was also suffering from a breathing disease.

Salahuddin had been arrested when he was recognised by security officials in Rahim Yar Khan last month after the video of him attempting to steal from the ATM and sticking his tongue out at the camera went viral.



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