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Meera commits English blunder…….. again!

Attending the sixth Karachi Literature Festival, Meera apparently had no idea where she was. Speaking on the occasion, she stated that it was her first time at any ‘local film festival’. The actress also felicitated Bollywood film PK and stated that Amir Khan was her favorite actor.
This is not the first time Meera has made people laugh themselves silly at her poor comprehension of English. An interview of Meera a couple of years ago went viral after the actress seemed to mispronounce and make grammatical errors multiple times in the same sentence. At another instance, she pronounced the popular search engine Google as ‘Googles’.
The actress has also had her fair share of controversy and public embarrassment. A controversial video of hers along with a person by the name of Captain Naveed caused public outcry and rage. She also accused actor Shoaib Akhtar in the past of stalking and harassing her. In ARY’s morning show on 2nd February, Meera spoke her heart out and addressed the issue of people poking fun at her English. “I studied till fifth grade and then entered into showbiz, this is why I have little problem with speaking English”, said the actress. “I am still working in the industry, while actresses like Reema and Veena have gone abroad after marrying”.
The actress has time and again announced her plans to open a charity hospital in Lahore for the welfare of the poor and destitute of the country. Only recently Meera was in the news yet again for offering to invite that Pakistani cricketer to dinner who would be responsible for downing India in the upcoming world cup clash of the arch-rivals.
Mistake or stunts, Meera’s antics certainly help keep her trending, for all the wrong reasons!



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