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Meera decides to campaign for PTI!

Imran Ismail’s election campaigning got a tad bit more interesting. No, Imran Khan isn’t visiting Karachi again with his wife Reham. Even better, Lollywood’s controversial actress Meera has decided to not only support Imran Ismail but also campaign for him in Karachi’s hostile NA-246 constituency!

Meera stated that she would also pay a visit to the metropolis where the much publicized election is taking place, in the coming days. She was also appreciative of PTI chief Imran Khan’s wife Reham Khan for daringly visiting Karachi alongside her husband on Thursday. Meera was of the view that Reham inspired courage and bravery, adding that her struggle was motivational for other women as well.

Meera and PTI have an interesting history as well. On countless occasions, the Pakistani actress has made quite a few controversial statements about PTI and even decided to contest against Imran Khan in general elections 2013. However, she opted out of the election race and fielded her mother instead, who lost poorly securing only a few votes. Meera had also publicly expressed her desire to marry PTI chief Imran Khan, who hadn’t tied the knot back then with journalist Reham Khan.

NA-246 has been the subject of much attention and controversy following former MNA Nabil Gabol’s resignation from the constituency. Ever since, political parties PTI, JI and MQM have jumped into the fray and issued harsh statements against each other. Last Thursday, PTI chief Imran Khan showed up in Karachi alongside his wife to back Imran Ismail and to propel PTI’s election momentum forward.

Though experts have backed MQM as favorites to win, the fight to secure NA-246 seems to be pretty much open at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see if Meera’s door to door campaign for Imran Ismail will do wonders for the PTI candidate or be the nail in his coffin! After all, Meera does tend to mess things up time and again!



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