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"Will you be my bride," elderly man asks Meera

Here’s the catch though; the suitor is sixty years old, already married and a father of six! The tribal leader proposed to the Lollywood actress and expressed his bid to make her his bride. Speaking to the Tribal News Network, Malik Wazir Muhammad, an elder of Safi tribe from Mohmand Agency, said “Meera says there is a dearth of sincere people. But if she agrees to my proposal, I will prove to her that tribal folk are always true to their words and sincere. I am ready to fulfill all wishes of Meera. If we marry, I will make her a member of the National Assembly,” said Mr. Wazir.

Meera has had her fair share of controversies over the recent past. Besides making fun of herself and being the butt of jokes at her expense, Meera’s ‘English Vinglish’ styled language has led to public mockery in the past. Last year, a controversial video of her leaked, provoking anger and several lawsuits for violating societal morals. Recently. she has tried her hand in philanthropic activities to uplift the conditions of the poor. The actress has been gathering donations to fulfill her dream of building a charity hospital for the destitute.

Last year before cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan tied the knot with talk show host Reham Khan, Meera had sent a marriage proposal towards Kaptaan himself. The charismatic leader had declined to offer a reply, apparently shattering Meera’s heart months later when he got hitched to Reham.

Meera recently spoke her heart out in a morning show regarding her marriage troubles. “Nobody wants to marry me, everyone runs away when it comes to Baraat”, she had disclosed.

Can the actress really blame any suitor for taking to his heels after her antics and leaked video offer more than a glimpse of her personality? Meera’s response to the tribal elder’s proposal is awaited. If Meera says yes to the PML-N representative, it would mean becoming a stepmother to six children. If that happens, she would most definitely have a lot on her plate!



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