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Meet Anita Jalil, the first female vlogger of Balochistan

Quetta: Belonging to a conservative society, Anita Jalil has fought all odds to pursue the interest she has felt very strongly for, vlogging. 

At a young age of 20, Anita became the first vlogger of Baluchistan using her vlogs as a platform to highlight societal and everyday issues of women in Baluchistan giving a voice to the unheard.

Speaking to ARY News, Anita said her journey was not that easy, “It took me a very long time to convince my parents. I also do theatre programs here. I have tried to inspire other women to come in this field.” Adding to which she said, “Vlogging was a very old interest of mine. When a few years back I lived outside of Pakistan I developed this interest of vlogging.”

Anita also happens to be the first theatre female artist of Baluchistan, a field totally dominated by men before her.

As of today, Anita has more than 20,000 followers on her YouTube page.




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