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Meet Jaffar, who sells flutes and spreads happiness

Karachi: Jafar Hussain, a resident of Lalukhet, is the identity and real face of Karachi.

Jafar has been playing flute for 18 years with not a single place in Karachi where he has not sold flutes. The famous flute man is someone Karachiites may have bumped into at some point in their lives.

“I used to be a carpenter but since I got sick I have been playing the flute. I am playing the flute since 18 years. I sell it everywhere, in the entire Karachi. There is not a single place I haven’t sold flutes. I carry my medicines with me. In sickness and sadness, I sell them.In one day, I play from morning till evening. I sell around 50-60 a day. I get 50 rupees for one flute, 6 rupees for the small one, for another flute I get 12 rupees. I buy the stock of 3-4,000 rupees at one time, to sell. Sometimes it gets sold is 1-2 weeks or three week, sometimes it takes even two months for the stock to sell. But Allah is giving me my living respectfully so I am happy.”

He wants to give a message of love, compassion and peace to all.

“There is one thing I want to say to the people, do not repel any poor man or beggar. Speak to them with love. I play for you with happiness. I want to ask the entire younger generation to live with love kindness, and unity. Take hatred out of their hearts. Do not think of the poor as poor, think of them as one of yourself.”



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