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Meet Shamim Akhtar — Pakistan's first ever female truck driver

Nothing is impossible – Rawalpindi’s Shamim Akhtar proved it by becoming the first female driver of Pakistan.

From washing dishes and cooking meals to checking fuel and water in her truck or to get it loaded with goods, Shamim Akhtar does it all.

The courageous woman says that if you are determined then nothing can act as a hurdle in your way.

She told that she learnt to drive a heavy transport vehicle (HTV) after receiving training from Islamabad Traffic Police.

After finding her unable to fulfill financial needs of her family despite driving a car for years, Akhtar decided to take on a truck.

Her first journey was from Rawalpindi to Azad Kashmir carrying 7000 bricks in her truck and now the brave lady offers no reluctance in transporting a consignment, no matter how huge the freight may be.



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