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Who I choose to marry is my personal decision, stop matchmaking: Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat will have you know that she will not be tolerating any external interference in her love life!

The Dillagi star took to Twitter late on Sunday to slam the media for trying to play matchmaker and procuring ‘unnecessarily juicy headlines’ from earlier interviews of her.

Who I choose to marry is my personal decision and ppl will know when it happens! Take a chill pill guys and stop matchmaking!” wrote Hayat. 

She went on to call out publications for running ahead of themselves, writing, “Let’s not take a throwaway line in a 2-year-old interview out of context and make unnecessarily juicy headlines. Aur bhi gham hain zamane mein shadi k siwaa! (There are bigger problems in life than marriage.)”



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Earlier this month, Hayat relayed her choice in men on By The Way with Begum Nawazish Ali. “He has to have a good height. It doesn’t matter if he’s not fair-skinned, a man should look like a man. Thori si mardana wajahat, thora uncha lamba qad, ek swag hona chahiye (He should be masculine, suave and tall!)” she had said.



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