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Has Mehwish Hayat found her ‘soulmate’?

Before anyone gets the wrong picture, the actress labeled Azfar as her best friend and nothing else. For Mehwish, according to her tweet, a soulmate is one with whom you can talk to about anything and share anything with.

Also, it can be one’s best friend and not necessarily a life partner. Check out the tweet for yourself:-


The stunning model and actress has been known to be close to Azfar Rehman. The two have been spotted at public events together, which goes to show the close relationship and bond of friendship both of them enjoy. Mehwish Hayat is recognized as a skilled dancer and has performed at various Pakistani awards. Last year’s comedy hit film Na Maloom Afraad also featured an item song Billi by in which Hayat performed.

Mehwish arrived in Lahore today for the upcoming Veet Super Model auditions. The Veet Miss Super Model contest will be held in Thailand.



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