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Memes emerge as fans replace Joker’s laugh with other celebs

Joker memes are doing rounds on social media as fans are replacing Joaquin Phoenix’s maniacal laugh with other celebrities. 

The trend started when a Twitter user, Freddy Kroger, shared a clip of Arthur Fleck’s famous chuckle. He dubbed over the audio and replaced it with the sound of Canadian-American actor Seth Rogen’s iconic laugh.

Unexpectedly, the tweet went viral becoming popular among Joker fans particularly, garnering more than 300,000 likes.

Since then, many people have picked up on the trend by coming up with their own mashups.

Here’s a round-up of Twitterati’s imagination of Joker’s laugh mashed up with several famous voices.

From Bill Hader and Family Guy’s Peter Griffin to Nicki Minaj, either these mashups will make you laugh or spook you out.



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