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In the memory of martyr of 1971

The martyrdom anniversary of the hero of 1971 war major Shabbir Sharif is being observed today.  The descendant of Rajput family Major Shabbir was a nephew of another Nishan-e-Haider recipient Major Aziz Bhatti. Major Shabbir was commissioned in Pakistan Army in April 1964 and got Sitara-e-Jura’at for his gallant contribution in 1965.

On 3rd December 1971 Major Shabbir as the commander of a company of 6 Frontier Force regiment was ordered to capture Sulemanki Headworks on river Satlaj and vicinity which was defended by Indian army.  Major Shabbir led his company and launched a frontal attack on the enemy. He fought for 3 days and nights with superhuman action and killed 43 Indian soldiers and destroyed four tanks.

The Hero of the nation embraced martyrdom in action by a direct hit from an enemy tank on 6th December. Major shabbir was posthumously awarded the highest gallantry award for his remarkable contributions. He wished in his will to be buried in Miani graveyard Lahore besides his friend rather than army graveyard.

The Pakistan Army every year arranges a commemorating ceremony on his martyrdom day to pay tribute to Nishan-e-Haider holder.



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