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WATCH: Three men argue, one blows up hand grenade inside car

Three men currently in critical condition are hospitalised after one of them detonated a hand grenade inside a car during a drunken argument in Ukraine.   

The moment of the explosion was caught on a CCTV camera in the village of Lelyaky in the central Vinnytsia region.

The clip shows a man getting out of a car seconds before it is destroyed by an explosion.

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Three other men who were inside the car suffered horrific injuries due to the blast.

According to reports, four friends, who have not been named, were travelling to the town of Zhmerynka located in the same region when they got lost.

At one point, the drunk pals turned the wrong way, got lost and started arguing over the situation.

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Soon one of them got out of the car to find somebody and ask for the right direction.

Meanwhile, all hell broke loose as one of three men, who stayed in the car, grabbed a hand grenade from his pocket and pulled the pin from it.



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