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Mexican Weatherwoman Yanet Garcia causing quite a stir in Mexico

Apparently, weather is no longer a boring topic that is needed to break the ice in conversations.

Not when you have Yanet Garcia delivering the climatic updates. The Mexican female weather forecaster’s weather segment is one of the most popular watched one’s in Mexico and the reason are her startling good looks!

Dubbed as the ‘hottest weatherwoman’ in Mexico, Garcia has managed to garner an impressive 500,000 new followers on social media in just about two weeks time. The internet seems to have fallen in love with the sultry weather girl, as her pictures seem to be doing the rounds on Twitter as well as other social media platforms.

And because worldwide fans can’t tune into Garcia’s forecasts on the Spanish station, she has helpfully made them available on her YouTube channel.

Many of her videos have been seen over 300,000 times in the past few days. The weather girl also makes it a point to tweet her followers her pictures, sometimes before her segment begins.



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