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WATCH: Michael Jackson’s face ‘found’ in ancient statue

A Youtube user’s video is going viral on the internet for a very weird reason.

It claims showing ancient pictures with dopplegangers of famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Nicholas Cage, Jay Z, Brad Pitt and Keanu  Charles Reeves that they all perhaps did time travel.

The most interesting of his claims is that he finds a similarity between “King of Pop” Michael Jackson and an Egyptian statue, housed in The Field Museum in Chicago, which also appears to have Jackson’s face.

And Mr Jackson was not alone, the user Fact5, also found age old doppelgängers of  Nicholas Cage, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt and Jay-Z.


In 2011, a picture, said to have been taken in the  1870 of a man in Tennesse who bore close resemblance to Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage was put up for auction on eBay for 1 million dollars.

The auction immediately led to claims it was a photoshopped picture  but the seller maintains to this day that he stumbled across the original print and it it was actual photographic proof that Cage is a  vampire.


Hanging in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, is this 1530 painting entitled “Portrait of a Man,” which many believe must have been Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves on a “time travel” mission.




This photo of rapper Jay-Z’s unnamed doppleganger was said to be taken in Brooklyn back in 1939.




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