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Microsoft to start shipping Windows Mixed Reality developer kits

Microsoft has partnered with Acer to bring the Windows Mixed Reality Developer Kits to the Xbox One and the upcoming Project Scorpio console in 2018.

The company said that it is building Windows 10 to be the most complete platform across a broad range of mixed reality devices and experiences, which can empower new waves of creativity while being affordable and attainable for everyone.

Last year Microsoft had announced to partner with leading device makers including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and 3Glasses on a wide range of headsets.

Microsoft at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on March 1 announced to begin shipping developer edition headsets created in partnership with Acer.

These are the first plug-and-play mixed reality headsets with inside-out tracking, meaning there is no need to purchase or install external trackers or sensors in the wall or a complicated setup.


Microsoft gave a “golden ticket” to game developers who attended the Windows Mixed Reality session at GDC, and those developers will receive the Acer developer edition headset in the coming months.

The Windows Mixed Reality will also be available on other devices over time beyond desktop and Microsoft HoloLens. It will also be available on Xbox One and the upcoming Project Scorpio in 2018.

The phased rollout of the developer kits will start next month and will include the Acer headset, along with documentation and access to Windows 10 Insider preview builds and the software development kit (SDK) to enable developers to build mixed reality applications.

The specifications for the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition headset include two high-resolution liquid crystal displays at 1440 x 1440; display refresh rate up to 90 Hz; built-in audio out and microphone support through 3.5mm jack; and single cable with HDMI 2.0 (display) and USB 3.0 (data) for connectivity.

Microsoft said that the company is looking forward to see what the developer partners build with the expanding platform, which currently delivers more than 20,000 Universal Windows applications including mixed reality apps and games and the ability to stream Xbox games on Windows 10 PC.

The company released a video to give a glimpse of the Windows Mixed Reality and the spectacular, immersive experiences and the possibility with Windows PC – in mixed reality.




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