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Mika Singh: I slapped him to protect women and children

After having a FIR registered against him by audience member Shrikant, who was slapped onstage by Mika Singh, the singer has decided to provide the reason for his impulsive action.

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Mika Singh slaps a doctor during concert.

Mika stated that he had taken the action in a bid to protect women and children who came to enjoy his music at the concert. Further clarifying the incident, he stated that he had asked a group of men to let the women and children come forward to enjoy the show. The animated doctor gave no heed to the singer’s request and proceeded to hurl abuses, offensive gestures at Mika. “It was then that this particular doctor started swearing at me, and pointing his middle finger at me. I realised he was drunk, so I called him on stage,” Mika said.

Once the audience member was onstage, Mika asked him if he would show the same gestures onstage and hurl the same abuses. Since the doctor continued, Mika lost his cool and proceeded to slap the man.

Mika showed no signs of remorse at what he had done and believed he had taken the right course of action, instead of standing by idly. “Why am I always perceived in a negative way even when I do things for the protection of women? Would people have rather preferred if I hadn’t taken a step to help others? Either I should ignore people like this, and let such things happen, or stand up for the vulnerable,” he said.

Mika left it to people to judge what he had done was right or wrong. “People can decide whether I was right or wrong. I did what I felt was in the best interest of the ladies and children, and I will always continue to stand up against what is wrong,” he stated.



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