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Miley Cyrus taking a leaf out of Zayn’s Book

Could this be the beginning of another new era for Miley Cyrus?

On Friday morning (July 13) Miley fans noticed that the singers’ entire  Instagram page was completely wiped out and completely empty.

Cyrus isn’t the first musician to create a social media “blank slate.” Clearing out social media accounts is usually a sign that an artist is preparing to reset their narrative and change their image in some way.

Zayn famously wiped his Instagram account to mark the upcoming release of his new untitled Album  which the Zquads like to refer to as the Z2, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if the “Wrecking Ball” crooner is getting ready to do something similar.

As of press time, Cyrus’ Twitter and Facebook are also wiped clean although her tweets are still up for people to read.

In June, producer Mark Ronson teased that he had just written “one of my favorite songs” with Cyrus and that the track was “coming soon.”



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