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Military courts award death sentence to six militants behind APS attack

“The convicts were given fair trial by following all the legal formalities and offering/ providing them legal aid and defence counsels. Today the sentences of death have been confirmed by the Chief of Army Staff,” a statement issued on the military’s website said.

According to a statement, eight hardcore terrorists involved in committing heinous offences relating to terrorism, suicide bombings, damage to life and property including attacks on Army Public School Peshawar, SafooraChowrangi Karachi, were tried by Military Courts established under the Pakistan Army (Amendment) Act, 2015.

“In view of the nature and gravity of offences preferred against each, seven terrorists have been awarded death sentences, whereas one terrorist has been awarded life imprisonment by the military courts.”

The men were convicted by military courts which were established in the wake of the attack in December last year. A seventh man was given a life sentence.




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