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Military courts a 'short term' solution: MQM

MQM MNA Farooq Sattar while elaborating upon the recommendations said that military courts are not a long term solution clarifying that his party supported the decision after strong assurances from the government.

Sattar opined that the country needs a code of conduct for media to stop glorification of terrorists or their portrayal as a positive force.

MQM leader Qamar Mansoor was of the view that  Altaf Hussain was the first to warn the country about Talibanisation.

He said that MQM is ready to offer man power for security of schools as all schools are under threat after the deadly Peshawar attack.

MQM’s legal expert Farogh Nasim while speaking on the occasion said that if military courts are established unconstitutionally, Supreme Court of Pakistan will declare them void.

The co-ordination committee demanded immediate implementation of anti-terrorism action plan.

It must be noted that Pakistan’s military and political leadership on Wednesday agreed on a comprehensive anti-terrorism action plan which included establishment of military courts, crackdown on terrorist hideouts, communications and funding sources along with the establishment of a counter-terrorism force.

MQM while agreeing on all the recommendations, objected upon the establishment of military courts with party chief Altaf Hussain claiming that a martial law is better than military courts.



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