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Military gunships shell criminal sanctuaries in Rajanpur

After the failure of police, a battalion of Pakistan Army was sent to the riverine Katcha areas in Rajanpur that borders Sindh and Balochistan. The troops surrounded the gangsters from three sides.

Military gunships pounded hideouts in the riverine Katcha area, destroying several criminal dens.

The troops were landed in the area through choppers, following which the cops retreated from their positions. The police failed to make any gains in the operation Zarb-e-Aahan that has now entered into 17th day.

On Wednesday, the bandits killed six out of 30 cops who headed to the island-like Kachi Jamal area in two boats and took 24 hostage. The area is believed to be a bastion of Chotu Gang that coincides Dera Bugti in Balochistan.

The miscreants in the difficult-to-access area have nexus with banned outfits and have long been committing robberies and kidnappings, and go into hiding.

People in four kilometer radius of Katcha area have already been asked to move to safer places in view of the military offensive.



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