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Military leadership rejects PEMRA’s decision against Geo TV: Sources

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI: Top military leadership of Pakistan has rejected the decision of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), pertaining to Geo TV Network, while notices were issued to all the parties including Geo TV, after a petition was filed against the media organization for violating the Pakistan Safety Act 1992 – sources told ARY News.

Propaganda against national security institutions and only 15 days of suspension of licenses as punishment, sources told that this decision of PEMRA was turned down by the top military leadership of the country.

The news aired by Geo TV against Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and its Chief, was based on enmity with state and Jang Group has been continuously involved in such activities.

Sources further told that the entire Pakistani nation and politicians have totally rejected the anti-state channel, the people of Pakistan stand beside the armed forces of Pakistan, which secure the frontiers rendering great sacrifices.

On the other hand, Chairman of Human Rights Group of Pakistan (HRGP), Sher Ali Rizvi filed a petition in the Sindh High Court (SHC) against Geo TV Network. He took the stance that Geo TV acted against the state by waging propaganda against ISI.

The petitioner said that Geo TV violated the Pakistan Safety Act 1992, by leveling baseless allegations on a national security institution and its Chief, without any investigations or proofs.

Sher Ali Rizvi stated that the Ministry of Interior and the Federation, instead of PEMRA are supposed to take an action against Geo TV.

The Chairman HRGP told that all the parties including Geo TV were issued notices over the petition.



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