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WATCH: ‘Milk bottles’ dug up in garden turn out to be WW-II bombs

BRAMDEAN: In a shocking incident, “milk bottles” dug up in the garden of a house turned out to be live bombs from World War II in Bramdean, England.

According to the details, James Osborne, a resident of Bramdean village in Hampshire, said that he noticed the tops of bottles showing out of the dirt when his digger was just scraping away.


As the objects were loose, they decided to pull them out and stack them up on the state, he said, adding that but when they started to smoke, they realised that they were not milk bottles.

The confusion started as the objects had a white top and a yellow liquid at the bottom. Seeing this, Osborne and his digger thought they were milk bottles.

They managed to dig up two crates of makeshift bombs from the six-acre estate where he usually has bonfires.

The 45-year-old contacted the authorities and a bomb disposal squad arrived at the scene to detonate all 48 bombs in a controlled explosion, creating a giant mushroom cloud of smoke, Times Now News reported.

Reports suggest the explosives were placed back in the 1940s to defend villages from a potential Nazi invasion. They were apparently handed out to Dad’s Army-style Home Ground groups.

“This used to be the rector’s house so it would have been one of the earliest buildings in the village and, because of who lived here, it could have been one of the main meeting spots of the local Home Guard,” Osborne added.



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