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Senior KMC official admits to having 21 family members including 64-year-old mother-in-law on govt payroll

Addressing a press conference today, Sahid Hayat said nine suspects have been arrested from KMC’s education department.

He said salary worth millions of rupees are being paid to ghost employees in education department of KMC.

“Approximately Rs.500 million is the monthly salary budget of the department, out of which millions of rupees were being paid to the ghost employees”, disclosed Shahid Hayat. The data obtained after investigating 450 accounts of KMC.

Arrested suspect Saleem Khan, Deputy Director Admin of KMC revealed that 21 persons of his family including 64-year old mother-in-law were on the payroll of KMC.

Saleem Khan also confessed that he was assigned with the task to collect monthly income from different towns and to submit it to the Director Education Mansoor Mirza. It was later divided among high rank officials of KMC, he added.

Speaking about Axact, company’s accounts have been sealed on legal basis, said the Director FIA, “an interim charge sheet against Axact in has been presented in the court.



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