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Minal Khan’s powerful performance is the highlight of ‘Jalan’

ARY Digital’s ‘Jalan’ has been the talk of the town since its first episode, thanks to a gripping storyline and powerful performances by its star cast but it won’t be incorrect to say that Minal Khan is the true winner if we pick one from the whole cast.

The leading lady has earned a lot of fans from the day the first episode was aired and as the play moved forward (now in its third episode) her act only grew better.

Her character Nisha was first shown deeply in love with her cousin Ahmer (played by Fahad Sheikh) and then suddenly, after watching her sister Misha’s (played by Areeba Habib) in-laws, suddenly started hating Ahmer. Minal has acted so well that the transition seemed not only natural but the most captivating part of the play.

From the way she sent her pictures to her brother-in-law Asfandyar (played by Emmad Irfani) and then after Misha’s marriage, started visiting her house, her sudden change in behavior with her fiance and how she teases him to get rid of him, Minal Khan has emoted so skillfully that one can see every single emotion in her eyes.

The next episode’s teaser shows Ahmer taking all possible steps to make sure he doesn’t have to lose her and now fans are worried if Ahmer, who deeply loves her, has taken some drastic step after her outright refusal to marry him.




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