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Minister hints at ‘inside job’ in PNS dockyard attack

Khwaja Muhammad Asif, addressing the joint session of the Parliament on Wednesday, said that three terrorists were killed and one naval official was martyred during the attack on Naval Dockyard in Karachi on 6th September.

He also said that a former naval officer was involved in carrying out the attack on dockyards.

“Weapons and suicide jackets were recovered from the killed terrorists. The domicile of the attackers belonged to different areas of the country but one of them had contacts in North Waziristan”, Asif said.

“We cannot rule out the possibly that the attackers received assistance from the inside”, he said

The defence minister, while disclosing the facts of the attack on Samungli Airbase in Quetta, said that four attackers were killed by security forces in the incident. He added that two of the assailants had managed to infiltrate the airbase.

He further said that the wall surrounding the airbase was also damaged in the rocket attack.

Khwaja Asif further said that Pakistan is fighting a war for its survival whereas the protesters outside National Assembly are fighting a war for ego.



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