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WATCH: Minor girl kidnapped from gas station

In an appalling event captured on a CCTV, a four-year-old Ukrainian girl was kidnapped by an unknown man from a gas station after her parents were distracted. 

The CCTV footage of the incident, occurred in Boryspil, Kiev, showed how a little girl, Elizaveta Kolisnichenko was lured into a white car by a stranger man after her mother was busy making a payment at the gas station.

The eye-witnesses at the gas station confirmed that the father of the girl was also in the car when the mother, along with her daughter, stepped outside to pay at the till.

Taking advantage, the 29-year-old unidentified abductor, dressed in all black, took the four-year-old inside the car and sped away.

National Police of Ukraine took notice of the incident and released a press statement saying, “At the gas station in Boryspil, an unknown man, taking advantage of the fact that the mother was distracted from her daughter, paying for fuel, kidnapped the girl, put her in a car and drove towards an unknown direction.”

After her parents reported the abduction, the police mobilised all available officers, including CID detectives, to track down the youngster.

The girl was later recovered after a two-hour search.

Kiev’s Chief of Police Andrey Nebytov while speaking over the development said that the kidnapper was found within two hours with the girl near Boryspil Airport.

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“Despite all the difficulties of the search, police officers managed to find the kidnapper within two hours and save the girl from trouble”.

‘The perpetrator was a 29-year-old man, a local resident. The girl was returned to her parents unharmed.’

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the accused confessed to police that he had kidnapped the child with criminal intent.



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