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Mir Shakil verdict: Geo TV refuses to admit GB part of Pakistan

Geo Tv by trying to harm the integrity of Pakistan did what the neighboring India could not do over the decades. The media house following a court verdict against its owner, is insisting to declare Gilgit-Baltistan out of Pakistan.

It says that the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) courts are not entitled to announcing verdict against a Pakistani citizen, while a GB court back in 2010 has given the verdict that the region is part of Pakistan.

Here the question is if the Geo Tv or Mir Shakil had an objection over the court verdict, why did not they laid forth their stance during the hearing.

The media house has once again raised points that could misguide national as well as international narrative about Pakistan and its territorial bounds, so that India and other hostile states could get a chance to speak venom against Pakistan.

It coincides with the instance when Geo Tv’s anchorperson, Hamid Mir was targeted in gun attack in Karachi on April 19 and the media entity had immediately put the blame on the then Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief, Lt. Gen (retd) Zaheerul Islam for orchestrating the attack, which served as a reason for the entire world to mock Pakistan.

If the ones showing reservations on court verdict were so much law-abiding, then why did not they face the courts and fled the country in the dark of night.

In addition to this, Mir Shakil must answer the question that if Gilgit-Baltistan is not a part of Pakistan, then why a martyr of Kargil War, Havaldar Lalak Jan was bestowed with Nishan-e-Haider – the highest military award of Pakistan – when he belonged to Gilgit-Baltistan.



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